Ipsemet is an online work simulation game that gives insight into candidate’s working behaviors.

For many service, care and hospitality businesses, staff behavior is the key element in meeting their customers’ expectations.

Our online work simulation game puts candidates in a virtual work environment and gives them everyday working challenges – tasks to complete, colleagues and customers to keep happy, and limited time to get it all done. Their actions, decisions and interactions provide a profile of their behavioral style.

For every candidate, we give you a comprehensive report on their strengths and weaknesses, and guidance for interview. A user-friendly dashboard helps you can track and rank candidates.

Ipsemet’s on-line games are developed in the UK by leading game developers working with some of the most experienced occupational psychologists in the field.

The games run on any modern browser, and use clear and easily understandable language. They are rigorously tested to ensure they are fair, accurate and engaging to play.