Actions speak louder than words. What are you doing about graduate recruitment?

Attracting, engaging with and on-boarding the best graduate applicants is competitive; companies looking for the best talent need to appeal to the most talented job seekers, connect with them throughout the application process and sign-them up before their competitors do! It’s about finding the best and standing out from the crowd – for the employer and the candidate.

We think that pretty soon those of us using online traditional tests will look outdated, and out of touch.

There are three things that we hear most graduate employers saying. Firstly, that they embrace advancements in recruitment and assessment technology. Secondly that they want to find out more about applicants’ actual behaviour and not just typical ability test scores, personality profiles and academic achievements. And thirdly they say that they want their applicants to get some value from the recruitment process regardless of whether or not they’re successful.

But does what is said, translate into reality?

How many of us are still using quite traditional online assessment rather than taking what we can from game-based technology?

How many actually look at behaviour in an immersive way where ‘faking’ it cannot happen?

And, in practice, what do we give in value and feedback to those we’ve decided not to take forward?

If we’re wanting to stand out from the crowd, we need to change our approach and turn the words into action.

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