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About Us

Next Generation Assessment

Ipsemet develops game-based assessments to help organisations recruit and retain the right talent. Our on-line games deliver powerful psychometric insights, behavioural reports, and recommendations for recruitment and talent development.

With a significant number of data points analysed, our games offer objective measurement of many more metrics than traditional self report tests or SJTs.

Ipsemet’s on-line games are developed in the UK by leading game developers working with some of the most experienced occupational psychologists in the field.

The games run on any modern browser, and use clear and easily understandable language. They are rigorously tested to ensure they are fair, accurate and engaging to play.

Ipsemet helps organisations who are

Hiring students or graduates

Volume hiring

Bringing in cultural or organisational change

Benchmarking top sales performers

Recruiting seasonal or shift workers

Why On-line Games?

Games offer unique opportunities to identify behaviours and values, which can otherwise only be assessed using real life situations. Because our games are interactive and offers a far greater range and detail, they replicate real-life results. Key measures available from our games include resilience, integrity, collaboration and speed of learning.

Games draw you in, requiring players to give their best and be who they really are. As the play moves through different scenarios and the pressure builds, different aspects of their natural style come to the fore – how they deal with people, their organization skills, and how they react when the going gets tough.

Ipsemet games are fair – they are simple for both non-gamers and gamers to learn, regardless of age, gender, race or orientation.

Today’s job candidates expect polished, easy-to-use, engaging assessment tools. Interactive psychometric games bring personality assessment into the 21st century.

Candidates who enjoy the application process report that they are much more likely to recommend the company to other candidates, and to buy that company’s products or services

Ipsemet offers reports to suit all – a summary report for candidates, detailed reports with suggested interview questions, and profile matching to help qualify out and shortlist candidates. Our reports also contain metrics based on in-game performance to show how well candidates performed completing tasks, managing resources and working with others.

How Games Can Help You

Attracting, acquiring and retaining the right talent is fundamental to your success.

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity

Games are attractive and inclusive, enhancing wider participation and encouraging diversity. They are immersive, stimulating and challenging without any perceived barriers to taking part.

Streamlining The Process

On-line games offer a new way to streamline the selection process and qualify out unsuitable candidates at the start of the process. Identify best-fit applicants earlier and improve interview hit rates.


Providing Continuous Assessment

Games and their results can be used throughout the employee lifecycle providing insight into on-boarding, learning and development, and future career development.

Informing Decision-making

Game-based assessment transforms recruitment and selection decision-making by giving you additional objective information not readily available from other assessment tools.

Developing Your Employer Brand

Awareness and Appeal

Attract and engage with both active and passive job hunters. Create awareness and interest across a broad range of your audience. Games are fun and an easy way to engage, grab the attention of potential employees.

Better Understand Your Talent Pool

Understand the characteristics and quality of your employees and talent pool. Maximise the return from developing your talent pool through a deeper, more relevant, understanding of their behaviours and values.

Offer Candidates New Insights

Develop more than just a dialogue with your talent pool and provide them with useful information and feedback to help them make the right decisions. A summary of their behavioral profile is a great addition to increasing their self-awareness.

Differentiate Your Brand

Change the perception of your brand and deliver a candidate driven experience using creative media. When asked about their perception of companies using games in their recruitment process, candidates describe them as “modern”, “innovative” and “forward thinking”.

The Game

Created by leading occupational psychologists, game developers and data analysts.

Our games are created by recognised leaders in serious game development and in conjunction with experts in occupational and cognitive psychology, data analysis and computer science. Leveraging experience gained from working on such titles as the Tomb Raider series, the developers apply their knowledge and experience to personality assessment games to ensure that players are fully engaged in the game, and able to be their true selves as they play.Our consultant psychologists ensure that the game assessments are valid, reliable and robust.


Free-form games allow the players to decide on their own paths through the game thereby revealing many more decision points than linear games. All decisions and actions are recorded and analysed.

Continuous Situations

Players have to make decisions all the time as they are immersed in the game, creating opportunities to engage the player in multiple different contexts whilst interfacing with different personality types.


Time-based Metrics

The game takes time to play so unique metrics can be developed on how the player’s behaviour changes over time, reacts to pressure, and adapts to the increasing complexity and demands of the game.

Performance Results

Players are scored throughout the game and so comparisons based on their performance data across multiple dimensions can be made to show absolute rankings, percentiles and normative results.


Familiar and engaging

Our games use familiar settings so that all candidates can get to grips with the assessment quickly and easily. It makes for a more valid assessment and gets a stronger buy-in. That’s why we chose a hotel setting; it’s a real life situation reflected in an assessment.

Design and development

Our games combine the gaming design skills of developer who have worked on titles such as the Tomb Raider series, and the psychometric expertise of occupational psychologists who have worked with some of the most popular and widely used psychometric tests in the UK.

The Science

Science and Research Based Games.

Ipsemet games incorporate the best of today’s immersive video games with psychometric expertise. We rigorously test our games to make sure that they are valid and reliable, and fully engage the test taker.


A robust and rigorous science-based approach has been applied from original concept through to product validation and launch. The science is based on new research and models, which have been tested and proven through continuous trials to ensure internal consistency and integrity with no bias or adverse impact. New thinking combined with applied research and science has delivered new metrics and insights.

Skills and behaviours

Ipsemet games highlight characteristics and abilities beyond those obtained from traditional personality or ability tests. These are revealed by the way in which the game is played; the actions, reactions, and decisions, combined with ability to learn, adapt, manage and perform are revealed. Thousands of data points are recorded and analysed by sophisticated data algorithms and predictive statistical models to produce the results.



Psychometric tools must first and foremost deliver valid results. Under the supervision of our occupational psychologists we have run extensive trials which compare the results of our games with traditional psychometric questionnaires and these have shown that our games have statistically validated construct validity on all measured behavioural traits. The highly immersive nature of the game leads to positive buy-in from candidates.

Results focussed

Thousands of data points are captured and recorded during the assessment and all lead to a more in-depth assessment of applicant behaviour and performance. The metrics are collated, analysed and presented in an quick-to-view candidate profile with suggested areas to explore and the candidate receives his or her own report summarising the assessment scores.


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